The Year of Customer Profitability
What retailers can learn from 2018 to improve profit performance in the year ahead.

DynamicAction Retail Index: 2018 Year in Review & 2019 Outlook report analyzed $5.7 Billion in online consumer transactions in North America to uncover leading trends that most significantly impacted retail performance in 2018 around promotions, margin impact, customer acquisition, shipping, marketing spend, returns and inventory*.

A few key findings include:

  • Retailers upped marketing spend by 32% but attracted 6% fewer new customers.
  • Orders placed on promotion were down 2% however, margin
    impact was up nearly 4%.
  • Retailers made positive strides with a 43% decrease in unsold
    stock and 22% increase in inventory value.

Download the DynamicAction Retail Index: 2018 Year in Review & 2019 Outlook Infographic to preview the full Index results including an in-depth review of the key trends, guidance for 2019 and how the data supports the case for anchoring your 2019 strategy in customer lifetime value and business profitability in order to truly succeed in the year ahead.

*YoY 2017 vs 2018.

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A few of the leading retailers using DynamicAction to make faster, more profitable decisions












“With DynamicAction’s solution, DXL will gain the ability to unify our organization by analyzing all data points across channels to deliver a personalized brand experience. By understanding and leveraging our customer’s connected behavior, DXL will be able to continue building customer loyalty by ensuring every touchpoint delivers an enhanced experience for our customer.”

Sahal Laher

Sahal Laher

Former Chief Digital Officer and CIO at DXL

Destination XL Group

“What struck me was that DynamicAction told me so clearly where we are missing opportunities. With any other tools on the market, it is almost impossible to narrow down where to focus, what to fix, or where we could grow more. Everything else I saw in the market was a fancy dashboard… but what do I do with that!? Data is data, results are results…. But if you can’t do anything with it, how does that help your business? DynamicAction does exactly what it says… it gets my team to action. It empowers my team to understand and grow our customers and to grow our business in ways we couldn’t imagine when we first began this partnership.” 

Jennifer Heim

Jennifer Heim

General Manager

Miles Kimball