Customer Benchmark Assessment

Are you meeting the industry standards for optimal customer profitability?

Every retailer should perform regular benchmark assessments to ensure their business is able to meet financial targets and can optimally deliver on customer demands.

Our Customer Benchmark Assessment allows retailers to compare and measure their business against retail benchmarks from the DynamicAction Retail Index - an analysis of more than £8 billion in consumer transactions globally that is utilised by retailers across the world, as well as Internet Retailing, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal, to understand shifting consumer behaviour, retail trends and opportunities.

The Customer Benchmark Assessment provides a customised analysis of the Index data that is specific to your unique business. Retailers can discover how they are performing against the most critical trends and metrics that drive customer profitability – including promotions and impact on margins, customer acquisition/retention, shipping, marketing spend, returns and stock optimisation.

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A few of the leading retailers using DynamicAction to make faster, more profitable decisions

Hawes Curtis


Dxl Mens Apparel



Mens Warehouse


Cole Haan

My Optique Group

Eddie Bauer

Miles Kimball



Sport Scheck

Shoe Carnival


“With DynamicAction’s solution, DXL will gain the ability to unify our organization by analyzing all data points across channels to deliver a personalized brand experience. By understanding and leveraging our customer’s connected behavior, DXL will be able to continue building customer loyalty by ensuring every touchpoint delivers an enhanced experience for our customer.”

Sahal Laher

Sahal Laher

Chief Digital Officer and CIO at DXL

Destination XL Group

“Using DynamicAction was like walking into a dark room with a very bright torch.”





Kelly Helthall

Kelly Helthall

VP, E-commerce & Digital Marketing

Men's Wearhouse